Specialist supply, maintenance* and installation of heating systems, air conditioning, and our range of associated products to Wodonga, Albury and to the surrounding region Southern NSW and North East Victoria.
Here at Border Heating & Cooling we provide premium quality cooling and heating products in Albury, Wodonga and beyond, from some of the most trusted brands which have been chosen due to the reliability, energy efficiency and overall performance. For expert advice or servicing on any of the quality products we supply (*evaporative and gas units only), ensure you only speak to the professionals. So, whether you need cooling or heating in Albury, Wodonga, or elsewhere in North East Vic or Southern NSW, we offer expert advice.

Quality Products, Professionally Installed

Border Heating and Cooling is a superior provider of heating and cooling systems for the Albury Wodonga region. We only offer the best brands, backed by generous product warranties. That way, you can be confident that you and your family or business will be reaping the benefits of your chosen heating or cooling solution for years to come.

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Customer satisfaction is our primary objective. We aim to always go above and beyond your expectations.

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Come on in to discuss your needs with our dedicated team.
Border Heating and Cooling operates a comprehensive modern showroom, located at 8 South Street Wodonga. Whilst our showroom is proudly located in Wodonga, our experts are licensed to work in both NSW and Victoria, and they regularly work for clients on either side of the border. This includes areas such as Lavington, Thurgoona and Albury, and most other areas within Southern NSW and North East Victoria.

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Choose from a wall mounted split system to heat and cool individual rooms; multi head split systems to comfort up to 5 adjacent rooms; a roof mounted cassette system; or a split ducted system which will provide perfect temperature throughout your whole house in any weather conditions.We provide professional advice and put in the extra time and effort to ensure you choose the best air conditioner for your specific requirements. We provide refrigerated AC’s for our valued clients and have a proven track record for providing exceptional results.
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Evaporative Cooling

An evaporative cooling system comprises a central cooling unit connected to a series of outlets throughout your house.The cooling unit draws fresh air through moistened pads. As it passes through these pads the air is cooled and filtered before flowing through the ductwork and into your rooms
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Ducted Gas Heating

We can supply and install supply quality Brivis and Braemar and Bonaire ducted heating in Wodonga and Albury. These systems are comprised of a heating unit connected to a series of outlets via a system of ducts. The outlets/ducts are strategically placed throughout your home, either in the floor or ceiling.
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Gas Space Heating

The superior technology built into the Braemar Ecostar’s range of power flued gas space heaters make Braemar the ideal choice in room heating – offering the ultimate in comfort combined with stylish design.
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Gas Log Fires

We are proud to present the Gas Fireplaces range from Real Flame, which is available for the very first time in Albury Wodonga, along with professional installation available from our team. Not only are these exceptional products suited to warming your home, but they also look fantastic as well.
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Electric Panel Heating

These stylish wall mounted units are very economical to run, and come in a variety of sizes and output capabilities to ensure that each building, whether domestic or commercial, receives a heater tailored precisely for the space it is located in.
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Multi Head Split System

Finding the right multi head split system for you Albury or Wodonga home isn’t always easy. To get the most efficient system you need to consider your indoor space and the shape of your home.
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Split Ducted Systems

Give your home or business the best. Border Heating & Cooling offers a range of split ducted systems perfect for spaces of every size.
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Cassette Systems

A better choice for every property. Border Heating & Cooling installs and maintains cassette systems from a range of different manufacturers, helping even space-constrained homes and businesses beat the heat.
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With industry leaders such as Daikin to supply and our qualified installers to install, you will have a complete heating and cooling solution. These systems are highly efficient and provide the perfect heating and cooling option for your whole house. The system consists of an indoor unit which will be in either the ceiling or underfloor; an outdoor unit located in an inconspicuous location and flexible ducting connected to vents allowing warm or cool air flow throughout your home. This will give you the same temperature all year round.


A very popular choice by our customers is to install a split system to heat or cool individual rooms or medium to large areas. They are also installed in rental properties. We can supply many brands – Daikin, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Carrier and Fujitsu. A split system will have a wall mounted indoor unit and an outdoor unit. Some models are controllable with an app on your smart phone.


If you need split systems in a few rooms but lack outdoor space, it might suit you better to have one outdoor unit and up to 5 indoor units. As with the split systems, these will both heat and cool.


A roof mounted cassette system can be an alternative to a wall mounted split system and still provide comfortable heating and cooling to one room or five rooms. These are great for medium to large size areas including showrooms.

Central Ducted Vacuum Cleaning Systems

We supply ducted vacuum systems from two of the leading brands in the industry Cyclo Vac and Premier Clean. Our team are equipped to install our range of ducted vacuum systems for all new homes under construction. We also offer kits which are suitable for do-it-yourself installation in already built homes.

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