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At Border Heating & Cooling we provide specialist advice and put in the time and effort to ensure you choose the right air conditioner for your individual needs. We supply and service evaporative air conditioners in Wodonga, Albury and all surrounding areas.

The following information provides a guide to evaporative air conditioning systems, however we also encourage you to contact us so we can provide you with personalised advice before you choose an evaporative cooler in Albury or Wodonga

What is Evaporative Cooling?

An evaporative cooling system comprises a central cooling unit connected to a series of outlets throughout your house.

The cooling unit draws fresh air through moistened pads. As it passes through these pads the air is cooled and filtered before flowing through the ductwork and into your rooms – just like a cool, refreshing sea breeze. To experience the potential of evaporative cooling in Albury, visit our showroom today.

Benefits of Evaporative Cooling>
Evaporative cooling has many benefits and advantages over other forms of cooling:
  • It is one of the healthiest ways to cool your home because it uses clean fresh air to replace the air in your home many times an hour.
  • The air inside your house is never re circulated which means that smells and allergens are expelled.
  • Based on a totally natural process of air cooled by water means it won’t dry out the air, or irritate your skin, throat or eyes.
  • Doors can be left open allowing you to enjoy the summer and an outdoor lifestyle.
  • Evaporative cooling is also an inexpensive cooling option that can be much cheaper to run than refrigerated cooling
  • Since evaporative cooling uses less electricity than other forms of cooling it is kinder to our environment as its greenhouse gas contribution is a lot lower.

Border Heating & Cooling supplies and installs the Brivis brand, one of the leading names in evaporative air-conditioning systems. Every stage of the operation of your cooler is designed to make it reliable, discreet and healthy for you and your family. Innovative features include AquaSave technology for up to 45% less water usage, lower profile systems, super quiet direct drive fans and self-cleaning pumps.

Purchase of an evaporative cooler is a significant investment for your home, so it’s important to make the right decision. We invite you to call us on 02 6056 2711 so that we can assist you in identifying the best evaporative air conditioner for your home and lifestyle.